• Wuxi,China

Name: Electroplating production line

Electroplating production line

Fully automatic plating production line is a complete set of plating production line engineering equipment which integrates clean production, energy saving and emission reduction, low carbon, environmental protection production.

The automatic control system with PLC as the core and touch screen display can realize the automatic production of plating program, change the traditional manual operation, strictly and reasonably control the process parameters, water, gas, waste water discharge and waste gas discharge, realize the clean production, energy saving and emission reduction of plating production line. Low carbon and environmentally friendly production purposes.

The overall layout of production line engineering equipment is reasonable, beautiful appearance, is a perfect and ornamental equipment.

The control system of the production line adopts the well-known brands of electrical products at home and abroad, which ensures the stability, reliability, simple maintenance and maintainability of the production line system.

Frequency conversion technology is adopted to make the running positioning accuracy of the production line high, and to achieve the effect of soft start and slow stop.

Countercurrent rinsing, air mixing system, spray cleaning technology, fully make the production line to achieve energy saving, water saving, ensure product quality requirements.