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Concealed private sound Note: please use this station you read the following terms.Use of this web site is that you have to accept these terms and knowing

1. Use of the website

The content of this website is only for your personal, non-commercial use instead.For content contained in copyright and other ownership declaration, you must be respected and in its copies shall be maintained.If the website content is right, the website does not represent the rights, also do not mean website does not claim according to the principle of honesty, you should respect the legitimate rights and interests of the content and legitimate use.You may copy, modify, and any public display, publish or distribute these materials or by any other means to put them in any public or commercial purposes.Prohibit to take these materials used for any purpose other than any other websites or print media or network computer environment.The content and form of editing by the copyright law protection, any unauthorized use of copyright, trademark may constitute infringement of rights and other laws.If you don't accept or violates the agreement, you use this authorization will be terminated, you should immediately download or destroy any printed site content.

2 information release

The information provided by this pro, don't add any form of guarantee, including non-infringement, suitable for special purpose or not infringe intellectual property rights.In addition, the company also does not guarantee that the information of absolute integrity.The contents of the website or in the content of the product, the price is introduced and configuration later at any time to change without prior notice.The contents of the website may also has expired, the company does not promise update them.This information may be released at your local still cannot get the product, service or process.。

3. about user submitted materials 

Except for personal identification information, or any other you send the mail to the site or materials, contact information (hereinafter referred to as the information will be regarded as not all) and non-proprietary confidential.The company will not assume any of these information.。At the same time you submit behavior without special declaration, can be regarded as agree (or authorized) : the company and its authorized person will be for commercial or non-commercial purposes free to copy, distribute, merger and said, using the information in other ways and all data and images, sounds and text, and other content.Your use of this site may not violate laws, regulations and public morality, not to or from this mail or send any unlawful, threatening, defamatory, obscene, slander, pornographic or other illegal materials.If this information related to the content and who have evidence of influence, this warning or any such information can be deleted or suspend the information when unlimited Internet browsing, without prior consent, submit has no obligation to inform the submitters, after severe cases, this can take measures to cancel its users.

4. user communication contents

The company shall monitor and review on the user sends the mail or information or any of the communication between separate areas of the information, including, but not limited to, chat rooms, bulletin boards, or BBS and any other users to communicate.The company to relevant any such exchange content does not undertake any responsibility, regardless of whether they will cause defamation, privacy, obscene or other aspects of the problem.The company reserves delete in that contains considered insult, defamatory, obscene or other adverse content of information sources.

5. the use of software download site

If you download software from this, in the use of the software to abide by the software to carry all the software license agreement license terms.In your reading and accept the terms of software license agreement before download or installation, this software.

6. links third-party websites

The third party web site links only as a convenience service for you.If use these links, you will leave the site.The company had to any third party without censorship of the web site, its content, also not liable.If you decide to visit this site links with any third party web site, it could bring results and all risks by your own.

7. Responsibility

The company and its suppliers or site mentioned in the third party shall not be held responsible for any damages (including, but not limited to loss of profit and loss of data or business interruption caused damage), regardless of whether the damage due to the use of, or inability to use this result, this site links with any of the website or any such website contains information arising, no matter whether they are guaranteed, contract, tort or any other legal basis and already get this kind of damage to advance the advice may occur.If you use this information due to need to equipment or data maintenance, repair or correct, you should be aware of responsibility for this must bear all the expenses. This company in the following does not assume responsibility: the information transmission is by the network service providers (the company and its authorized person) man,The information transmission, routing, and provide links and storage is necessary for automatic technology process and the information network service provider; withou In addition to other requirements, automatic reaction network service providers and didn't choose these information provider and receiver,Internet service provider of the system or network intermediary or temporary storage of reproduction, formed by the information under normal circumstances, not predetermined recipients who have the time, no longer for scheduled to obtain information transmission, the recipient provides the routing or connected to a reasonable time,Through the system or network transmission of information content used

8.because this announcement or use the site of dispute applicable laws of the People's Republic, the company reserves the right to final interpretation related